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Best nutrient line I've ever used and I've used them all.  Amazing customer service and support. Predator bugs come every week right on time and my order gets adjusted as needed based on their expert advice.

Mike Allarea, Fireworx Farms

The customer service at Shale Peak Horticulture is fantastic. I easily place my order and can call or email if there's a problem and get same day service. There is a consistency in product quality and price. I am the director of IPM for my company and have been using Shale Peak Horticulture for 3 years now.

Laurie Casebier, Director of IPM, Nor Cal Co.

Shale Peak is comprised of a knowledgeable staff, that delivers unbeatable customer service. In addition, Shale Peak has simplified our ordering process while providing huge savings compared to traditional commercial hydro stores.

Ted Grillo, President of Ocean State Cultivation Center

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About Shale Peak Horticulture

Shale Peak Horticulture provides chemical-free pest management products and consulting services specifically geared for outdoor and indoor cultivators. Our customers receive customized programs and guidance through the entire crop cycle to ensure higher quality yields. 

Beginning with a personalized assessment of each grow, Shale Peak helps diagnose and treat existing pest populations and implement preventative plans designed to lower annual pest management costs. Should an outbreak occur, we offer rapid response treatments to effectively combat them and protect yields - all without using a single product that could risk the failure of a failed laboratory test.

By maintaining a standing army of beneficial bugs, pest populations are constrained and with good sanitation practices are held below targeted economic injury levels. The majority of the beneficial insects sold by Shale Peak Horticulture are predatory mites, parasitic wasps, and other predatory bugs with years of proven success.

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