We specialize in integrated pest management, using beneficial insects alongside or instead of the traditional sprays. Let us create a program specifically for your unique conditions to help keep your plants happy, healthy, and flourishing.

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Whether you just want to buy beneficial insects or want advice, whether your growing area is 10 sq ft or 10 acres, we're here to help.

About Shale Peak

Shale Peak Horticulture was created by Bob Starnes, who has decades of experience in agriculture. In addition to being CEO of Shale Peak, he runs a large grow himself and is a former Senior Superintendent at UC Davis Department of Entomology and Plant Sciences. But, honestly, he's just a dude who wants to help people grow the best plants they can.

And thus Shale Peak was born. We aim to provide services specifically geared for outdoor and indoor cultivators. Our customers receive customized programs and guidance through the entire crop cycle to ensure higher quality yields. 

Shale Peak helps diagnose and treat existing pest populations and implement preventative plans. Should an outbreak occur, we offer rapid response treatments to effectively combat them and protect yields while minimizing the use of sprays and relying more on beneficial insects.

By maintaining a standing army of beneficial bugs, pest populations are constrained held below targeted economic injury levels. The majority of the beneficial insects sold by Shale Peak Horticulture are predatory mites, parasitic wasps, and other predatory bugs with years of proven success.