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Terms and Conditions

  • Advocates are Shale Peak Horticulture existing customers who refer new clients.
  • Referred Customers are new clients making a purchase on after being referred by an Advocate.
  • Only new customers can be considered as “Referred Customers” and receive this discount.
  • Referred Customers using the link shared by an Advocate get a 5% (five percent) discount on the total amount of their first purchase.
  • Advocates receive a 5% (five percent) discount on the total amount of their next purchase after a new customer whom they referred places an order.
  • Coupons for both Referred Customers and Advocates can be applied on all products available for purchase directly from Coupons cannot be applied towards consulting services or customized products.
  • Advocates receive their discount 7 (seven) days after a Referred Customer's purchase. If the Referred Customer cancels their order during this time period, the Advocate does not receive the discount.
  • Limit one discount per purchase. Advocates cannot apply multiple discount codes on the same order. If an advocate receives multiple discount codes for referring more than 1 (one) new customer, the discount codes need to be used on separate orders.
  • Advocate discounts expire 60 (sixty) days after they are issued.
  • Referred Customer discounts expire 30 (thirty) days after they are issued.

Do you have questions about the referral program? Reach out to us using our contact form.


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