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Terra Biosa is a 100% natural and organic biostimulant with natural microorganisms, which improves the microbial composition in the soil around the plants. Terra Biosa can be mixed in the soil, sprayed on plants, bushes and trees, mixed with compost, and irrigated to crops through hydroponics and drip systems.

Terra Biosa is based on a mixture of natural microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria, and yeasts) and organic herbs.

This mixture enables Terra Biosa to increase the population of microorganisms in the soil, which increases the microbial activity, composting of the organic material and the release of nutrients.

This will result in bigger roots and increased yields. Using Terra Biosa on a regular basis will build up beneficial microorganisms present in the root system excluding plant pathogens such as pythium and fusarium. Terra Biosa can be used in conjunction with organic carbohydrates solutions. The active microorganisms in Terra Biosa will break down the carbohydrates into plant usable nutrients.

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