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Just like its true color, the Grow formula will keep your plants green throughout the vegetative stage. Having cal-mag built in saves growers having to implement yet another product to the regimen. The mineral ratios in this formula will contribute to strong vertical growth, robust root development, and sturdy stalks.

CleanGrow’s Commercial 707 3-part plant nutrient was designed in the 707 area code of California, where agriculture has dominated both the culture and economy within the state. Presently manufactured in the heart of California’s capitol, Sacramento, Commercial 707 is a no-brainer for both local and long-distance cultivators. We offer solution-oriented incentives for both retailers and growers tailored to their unique circumstances to help achieve their goals.

As laws change and time and other resources become even more scarce, we recognized the need for a formula that delivers consistent quality and price year-round that is specifically geared for the serious, busy, no-nonsense commercial cultivator.

Just like humans, plants have nutritional requirements for survival. If these levels aren’t reached, the plants will suffer. Additionally, depending on the stage of development, certain nutrient demands will vary and manifest as different mineral ratios. Making sure to provide plants with these ideal ratios at the right time is essential to promote the highest potential of growth. Getting your plants on the CleanGrow diet will aid in this.

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