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Long Shadow is a new oil-formulation product, using highly concentrated cinnamon oil (30%) for pest and pathogen control. It is formulated for foliar and soil drench applications, and can even help control fungus gnats and the notoriously difficult root aphids.

It works by damaging the membranes of air exchange in insects and mites and compromises the fungal cell walls and disrupts metabolism in diseases like powdery mildew. 

Like its sister product, Circadian Sunrise, it contains triaconanol, a natural biostimulent, as well as antioxidents such as B vitamins, vitamin E, zeaxanthin, coenzyme Q, and chlorogenic acid. 

  • May be used within 24 hours of a sulfur application
  • Contains natural Octopamine blocker to disrupt nervous systems of insects and mites
  • Natural ingredients
  • Additives for plant health

Pests Controlled:

  • Russet mites, spider mites, root aphids, fungus gnats, and many others.
  • Effective against powdery mildew and prevents other foliar diseases.
  • Do not spray sensitive plants at rates exceeding 1 ounce per gallon or spray more frequently than once every seven days.
  • Spray only on well watered plants in low light.
  • Cinnamon oil will burn sensitive skin and cause temporary but considerable eye irritation. Applicators must take precautions, such as wearing safety glasses or goggles, chemical resistant gloves, long sleeved shirt, pants, shoes and socks.  Applicators should wash hands with soap and water before eating or using the restroom.