Sanitziing Foot Bath

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Suitable Environment Wet
Type Contamination Control
Customization Level Standard Sizes Only
Solid or Drainage Solid
Compound Grease Resistant Natural Rubber
Recycled >33%
Warranty 1 Year

Product Description

Sanitizing Footbath Mats are designed to decontaminate boots and shoes which are among the worst disseminators in spreading harmful germs, pathogens, and bacteria in grow rooms, clean rooms, and food production facilities.

Measurements: 32-Inch x 39-Inch - This mat comes with a large footprint to ensure works don't forget or miss the sanitizing solution.

Step into the mat and bathe harmful germs and bacteria in a disinfectant solution such as Biosafe SaniDate, to eliminate everything you want to keep out. Sanitizing footbath mats provide CRITICAL protection from potentially deadly contamination and cross-contamination as works move from zone to zone.

  • Chemically resistant to common disinfectant solutions
  • 2.5" (63.5 mm) depth
  • 5 gallon (18.9 liter) capacity
  • Larger overall size
  • Ideal for cannabis production facilities

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