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Watermax is one of the industry’s leading root zone optimizing agents. Derived from salt and a propriety electrochemical treatment process, Watermax is a unique, plant- safe chemical with powerful oxidative properties. These properties contribute to improving both Nutrient and Oxygen availability, creating an optimal environment for healthy cultivation. It’s features include: 

 • Non-toxic • Neutral pH • Increases ORP • Breaks down scale • Reduces slime • Very low TDS • Safe to use from seedling through harvest • Promotes robust root growth • Use as a (final) flush • Keeps system cleaner and running efficiently longer • Reduces mineral buildup • Increases Oxygen and Nutrient availability

Cuttings: Watermax is a must for all cloning machines and fresh cuttings. Dip fresh cuttings in Watermax to improve cell health and boost immunity. Seedlings and cuttings that have been treated with Watermax are more likely to root and grow into robust young plants. Roots of plants treated with Watermax will exhibit optimal health, as displayed by a bright white color.

RDWC and Other Recirculating Hydroponics Systems: Watermax is highly recommend for use in recirculating deep water culture to increase available oxygen and nutrient availability. Water that has been treated with Watermax also reduces the risk of developing problems that are often associated with overwatering and insufficient oxygen levels. Using Watermax in an RDWC setting will help breakdown products with lower solubility ratings, including nutrients that have bound together as a result of nutrient lockout, insufficient reservoir change-outs and general wear-and-tear. This mild oxidizing agent should be a part of any nutrient regime introduced into an RDWC system.

Flush: Use Watermax at a rate of 5-10 mL/ gallon of Water during the final flush stage of growth to help leach out any residual mineral buildup in the plant tissues. This procedure will help improve flavor and aroma of harvested fruits and flowers from tasting bitter. Burning herbs and flowers (i.e. humidifiers etc.) that have been properly flushed with water treated with Watermax is also more likely to produce a cleaner, whiter ash than crops that did not undergo the same final flush procedure. 

System Maintenance: Systems that are regularly maintained with Watermax treatment will last longer, and run more optimally throughout. This is because Watermax helps break down scale, mineral buildup, and other trapped organic matter that has been lodged in the system. Spraying surfaces or surrounding areas with a dilute Watermax solution will allow system operators to wipe down and fully clean these areas more efficiently and in a much shorter timeframe. Other equipment including filters also benefit from running treated water through the system to maintain an effective system longer.

How to Use: For regular maintenance, use at a rate of 1-2mL per gallon of water. When combatting sever reservoir conditions, increase the use rate to 5-10 mL/gallon of water. For foliar applications, use Watermax at a ratio of 1:10 with water.